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Half Alabama Alley Cat, half Siamese Fighting fish, the Waterkat, also known as Mercat or Sea Tiger, can be found in the bayous of the Alakazarian swamplands. Each is hand painted, made of resin and arrives wrapped in a relief printed handkerchief, inside a decorated box. The metal charm around their necks can be hand stamped with up to 3 characters. They are 7.5” x 5.5” x 4.5”. I made 20 in this first edition and have 13 almost finished. I will post each one as i complete them over the next month or three. If you are interested in one that’s not availbale please email me for availabiliy .
Special thanks to my friend
Brian Poor for helping me make this mold.

WaterKat Spotty

WaterKat Spotty


This halfmoon tailed spotted WaterKat known as Spotty is part of a first edition of 13, and the only 1 in 4 of his blue spotted pod family to have been born normal. Some would say that in a world where everyone is abnormal being the normal one makes you special. You can personalize his heart tag with up to three hand stamped initials. Hand Painted and made of resin he arrives wrapped in a yellow relief printed bandana inside of a decorated black and white box. dimensions - 7.6”x5.5”x 4.5”. Currently im’m not set up for international orders, please email me at if you would like to order outside of the United States.

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